Don't let garage doors make your life difficult! Get the help of these related tips

Great maintenance of garage doors and electric openers by professionals with experience

Enhance your safety with an automatic opener

Automatic garage door openers reduce the amount of time you spend out in the open or driveway. If you are concerned about your safety when coming home, especially late at night, you may find that an opener gives you the security and peace of mind you’re looking for.

Check your springs for rust, cracks and damages

Garage door springs take a lot of pressure over time, the stress of which will eventually damage them. To avoid being caught unprepared by a broken spring, you should check them regularly for cracks from stress, and rust from harsh weather conditions. With springs it is better to be proactive than to wait for something to go wrong.

Spring DIY is dangerous

Replacing garage door springs is not only a tricky task that requires a lot of skill, but can actually be dangerous for whoever is working on them, and can cause damages to the door and surrounding property. If you need them replaced, it is always better to find professional help than it is to do it yourself.

If your garage door is frozen do not force it open

In especially cold weather, it is not uncommon for a garage door to freeze and merge with the driveway. When this happens, it is best not to force it open. Rather use a hair dryer or some warm water to loosen the ice before attempting to open the door. Forcing the door when it is not ready can seriously damage your system.

Power outages leaving you locked in

When the power goes out, you can still open your automatic garage door. Look for the manual release cord to switch it over to manual operation. This cord is usually found hanging from the track or trolley and has a red label which should be clearly marked. Alternatively you can invest in a backup battery or generator.

When the garage door makes too much noise

There are plenty of moving parts in all garage entrances which cause friction when they are in use and wear each other down. While no door should operate in complete silence, an excessively noisy one could mean that there is a problem and a call for lubrication maintenance. It is best not to let this problem be ignored.

Keeping your garage tidy for the door’s sake

An untidy garage can be a problem for the door. Remember not to lean objects like mops and brooms up against the garage door tracks, or to have loose objects like balls rolling around the floor. When these items interfere with the system’s operation they can cause unnecessary and expensive damages to it.

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