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Can I find springs that are stronger than the ones I have?

Sometimes, with extremely heavy doors or even in harsh weather conditions, regular springs can take too much strain. This means that you won’t get the lifespan out of them that you may have expected. Using oil tempered springs is a better option for those who need something a little hardier, long lasting and strong when it comes to springs.

Why does my garage door keeps going off the track?

There are a few reasons why a door keeps slipping off the tracks. Firstly, make sure that there are no objects leaned against it which could be obstructing the movement. If everything is clear, see that the tracks are properly lubricated, and if that fails, you may need to replace your garage door bearings which could be too worn to function.

Is there an alternative to using remote controls?

If you keep losing remote controls, or are getting tired of constantly replacing batteries, an excellent alternative is to invest in a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth garage door receiver. These allow you to pair your opener with a smartphone, tablet or wireless keypad. This means you will never have to worry about where your remotes are ever again.

Is it okay to just use one spring?

While it isn’t likely that damages will immediately be incurred from only using one spring in your system, your door and opener will take strain over time. There should be two garage door springs fitted to your door at one time. This ensures that the weight of your door is properly distributed, and nothing is taking on more work than it is designed to. Of course, there are exceptions like extremely light doors.

My rollup garage door is sagging, is this a problem?

Given enough time and not enough maintenance, rollup garage doors will eventually begin to sag in the middle. While this won’t render your door inoperable, it will cause serious problems and difficulties opening it smoothly. You can also be sure that the problem will steadily get worse, until one day you won’t be able to use it.

Can I replace my springs myself?

Garage door springs are very tightly wound and store immense amounts of pressure and force. This can make them incredibly dangerous to work with. While it is not impossible to do the job by yourself, it is most certainly not recommended. A mishandled spring can become a fatal projectile, causing harm or damage to any people or property in its path.

How do I open my garage when the power is out?

Power surges can seem troublesome if you need to operate an automatic garage door, but opening and closing them during a blackout is not impossible. Locate the manual override cord which should be near the trolley, and is usually clearly marked. Pulling this string will allow you to operate the door by putting your back into it.

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