Garage Upgrades People Miss Out On

Garage Upgrades People Miss Out On

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Electric garage door openers

When it comes to updating your garage there’s a chorus of obvious things to consider, and that’s all good. But, what about the other stuff that makes your garage tick? Whether you're rooting for a Liftmaster garage door opener, Genie, Allister, or good old Craftsman, there’s more to your garage than a manufacturer’s name. When it comes to a tune-up, think about the little moving parts that could be compromising the overall operation of your door.Garage Upgrades People Miss Out On

Overhead garage door service

Consider balance and alignment before you go anywhere else with your garage. A balance and alignment check will tell you exactly where you need to go with your garage. That’s because a slow and lagging door doesn’t necessarily depend on the amount of horsepower in your garage door motor. If the spring has slipped out of its adjustment, you will notice that your door has become heavier. More importantly, your garage door motor noticed it too. If your door is out of alignment, that’s the equivalent of pushing a banana through a pencil sharpener. That may be absurd, but it seems more exciting than mutilating your garage door track one click at a time. Once that’s out of the way, take a stroll through your moving parts. Check the freedom of movement in your rollers, and inspect the track for signs of warpage. It can be difficult to clear that 90-degree curve when the rollers get stuck. Knock out this to-do list before you dive into a motor swap. You may avoid a repeat.

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